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Get Your Business Found Online With Local SEO.

It’s 2017 and if you run a business that serves customers in your local area then you will know all too well that local SEO can give your business the edge over your competitors.
Choosing local SEO over traditional SEO for your local business. Is the most cost effective form of marketing full stop.

Why Local SEO Walsall?

Marketing for local businesses has never been easier more customers are reaching for there smartphones and tablets than ever before to find local businesses.

Gone are the days of customers looking through the yellow pages or local newspapers for local businesses. Customers want to find information about the services they are searching for as fast as possible. Within just a few clicks they can find detailed information on services, customer reviews and contact information.

Improving your websites local SEO will improve your company’s chance of turning those searches into customers.

Local SEO Walsall Why It’s Important To Get Found First

Getting found first on Google could have a massive impact on any business in any industry. Statistics show that websites that ranked 1st place on google received 33% of clicks, 2nd place 17% and 3rd place received 11% of clicks.

The further a website drops down the page the less clicks it’s likely to receive. Less Clicks usually means less business. Simple as that the more clicks the more chance businesses have of turning those clicks into customers.

How Do We Improve Our Local Rankings?

Search engines use various different signals to help rank websites. These signals have changed massively over the years and will keep changing all the time. So that each search made online gives the best information to the user for every search made.

Using local SEO to improve each of these signals we can start to push your website to the top of local search results.

What Are The Local SEO Top Ranking Signals?

Take a look at the graph below of the top ranking local SEO Signals for 2017.

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How Do We Improve Our Local SEO Signals?

We’ve compiled a pretty extensive list of the techniques used by the SEO industry. To improve each signal starting with the most important to the least important.

1. Link Signals

Backlinks are still the highest ranking factor for local SEO. This has been the most important ranking factor of all SEO since the start of search engines. And I don’t see this changing any time soon.

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Acquiring good quality natural backlinks is key to improving local SEO rankings. Acquiring backlinks can be really tough. A great way of improving your chances of receiving a backlink is by creating great content that websites may want to link to.

Once you’ve created your content make sure you outreach to webmasters within your industry to let them know about your new content. If they find the content useful to there website and readers they may link back to your website. The better the content and the more websites you outreach to the more backlinks you may receive for that piece of content.

2. On-Page Signals

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Such as presence of nap (name, address and phone number), keywords within titles, Domain authority, Meta tags and Meta desciptions, Image alt tags, Keywords in page content.

On page signals are something your totally in control of so there should be no excuses for getting them wrong. After all you or your web designer are the ones that put them there. On page signals are the second highest ranking factor only just behind backlinks. Get them right and you really will give your website a chance of ranking higher in search results.

  • Accurate NAP short for name, address and phone number. You need to make sure that they are consistently accurate across the whole of your website. It’s also a good to remember to do the same throughout your offline and online presence.
  • Optimise meta tags and titles with local keywords. For example this page is targeting SEO Walsall so we’ve included SEO Walsall in our page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Image Alt tags search engines are unable read images that’s why we have alt tags. For local SEO make sure to use relevant keywords and geographical locations within your alt tags. Just like we have for this page the alt tags all contain different variations of SEO Walsall.
  • Optimise your content all content should be well written with correct spellings and grammar. Use shorter paragraphs and include images to breakup the text to make it easier to read. To rank pages locally include relevant local keywords but never keyword stuff your content with keywords.
3. Behavioural Signals & Page Speed

Behavioural signals picked up by google include how a user got to your website. How many pages they visited. Which pages users spent the most time reading. And how long they stayed on your website from start to finish. All of these signals are used by search engines to build a picture of how relevant your website is for each search term.

If a user are clicks on your website and then leaves straight away. Google is likely to think that the website is not relevant enough to rank high. For the search terms you may be targeting.

Another factor on the list is Page speed. And it’s getting more impaortant then ever fast loading webpages are what users want. So if your website is running slow it could be harming your SEO and could be losing you customers. Take a look at the graph below it shows that on average the top positions on google are held by faster loading web pages.

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4. Personalisation

Search engines can use data they have built up about you to deliver content that is specific to you. So if you’ve been looking at movie trailers online. There’s a good chance that they will include screening times at your local cinema within search results.

Other ways personalisation can effect your search results. Are through your connected friends if one of your friends visits a restaurant and leaves a nice review. Google may find this relevant to you and it may show up within your search results. Clever right?

5. Citation Signals

Citations are online mentions of your brand that usually include your business name, address and phone number. An important part of building citations is making sure that NAP information is consistently accurate across the whole of the web.

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The higher the number of good quality citations your website receives. The higher your website may rank locally in search results. A best place to start is with the top 50 UK local citation sites take a look at this link on brightlocal. To start building your citations today.

6. My Business Signals

Google my business information about your brand will effect your local rankings. Things they take into consideration are the proximity of your business or service area. For instance were based in Cannock it makes sense that when someone searches for SEO Cannock. We should hope to have our website included within those results.

Other signals such as having your keyword within your business title. And also which category your chose for your business. Can all influence local search results.

7. Review Signals

Reviews are key to the success of any business. The higher the number of positive reviews the more likely customers are to use your services. Google and bing know that too and may rank websites higher if they have reviews on various different platforms. Such as Google maps, Bing Places, Yell, Yelp and Facebook.

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8. Social Signals

The impact your social media profiles have on search results is still minimal when compared to backlinks, citations and on-page signals. But they still cant be ignored the more visitors your website may gain through social media. Can have an effect on there future search results and even there friends search results so keep tweeting and posting about your business.